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EYFS From Home To School We Yearn To Learn


Following the 7 different areas of learning and development in the EYFS

  • Communication and language development. ...

  • Physical development. ...

  • Personal, social, and emotional development. ...

  • Literacy development. ...

  • Mathematics. ...

  • Understanding the world. ...

  • Expressive arts and design.

POPIN's content follows the national educational curriculum and the EYFS framework which sets the standards that all early years providers must meet to ensure that children learn and develop well. We want to ensure that children are kept healthy and safe with the knowledge and skills they need to start school.

The magazine is full of fun, loving characters that will help children develop their educational skills. Whether they are getting ready for big school, or need extra help with learning development, POPIN is a fantastic parent help tool. 

What's Inside: 

  • Early Years Stories 

  • Phonics Fun - learning different sounds and recognising language. 

  • Quizes

  • Word-searches

  • Colour-Me-In

  • Craft pages

  • Games 

  • Basic Comprehension

  • Exploring the world around us 

  • Get involved

  • Activity 


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