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POPIN and see what's inside!

What's inside
  • Early Years Stories 

  • Phonics Fun - learning different sounds and recognising language. 

  • Quizzes

  • Word-searches

  • Colour-Me-In

  • Craft pages

  • Games 

  • Basic Comprehension

  • Exploring the world around us 

  • Get involved

  • Activity 


POPIN follows the 7 different areas of learning and

development in the EYFS framework:


  • Communication and language development. ...

  • Physical development. ...

  • Personal, social, and emotional development. ...

  • Literacy development. ...

  • Mathematics. ...

  • Understanding the world. ...

  • Expressive arts and design.


Join the adventures with Gillie & all her friends as they play, learn and have fun.

From the award winning book series.  



Every issue will explore a little more!

Why not head over and watch colourful fun animation.

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- About POPIN - 

POPIN Magazine is full of great stories, quizes, games, fun facts that all the family can enjoy. Follows the education curriculum and the EYFS structure, parents can use this magazine as part of home-study. 

Children will enjoy phonic and math fun, as well as learning about sounds and the alphabet. 

Meet and get to know many characters and read their fun stories. 

They can learn about the wonderful world around us and jump into adventures of their own 

popin magazine for kids
- Our Vision  -

POPIN has been created as a parent tool, it will help stimulate learning for children 1-5 Plus. 

Most adults will agree, the child is attracted to the toys on the front of the magazine and very rarely sits to complete the magazine. This is where POPIN is different; we are creating Education Through Imagination. Whilst we have activities on the front of the magazine, POPIN is 100% recyclable with no plastic toys!


The magazine is full of fun, loving characters that will help children develop their educational skills. Whether they are getting ready for big school, or need extra help with learning development, POPIN is a fantastic parent help tool. They are also a great hit for the Home Education sector as they can collectively be used as firm evidence to provide to Local Authorities because of the crafted framework we have used. Learning is supposed to be fun and we have constructed our activities in a way that a child will only remember the fun, rather than pushing comprehension on them. Their imaginations can flow whilst learning the skills they need for later years. There are also sections, such as practicing long and short A's for dyslexic children, and those on the SEN registers. 


It is tapping into a child's imagination to bring out the best in them and learn new skills; whilst they are having 'fun' with no pressure and in stress free environments.This magazine is more of a fun workbook and follows the national educational curriculum and the EYFS framework which sets the standards that all early years providers must meet to ensure that children learn and develop well. We want to ensure that children are kept healthy and safe with the knowledge and skills they need to start school.

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